Thursday, February 14, 2013

words: Trying to Please

I was recently listening to Poolside Stories on ABC Radio National. The series features audience stories that were contributed to the ABC Pool website.

I was really moved by Trying to Please by Samantha Crow, a story of emotional abuse.
It strongly reasonated with me, for I knew a beautiful woman who made a similar brave decision to leave an abusive marriage so I really wanted to share these powerful words by Samantha Crow...

Trying to please

I escaped an abusive relationship by moving across the country.

A friend tried to console me saying, “God only sends angels.” to which I quipped, “Yeah, I know this one’s name: Lucifer.”

The relationship was abusive. Not physically: I would have spotted that sooner. Emotional abuse is insidious. It seeps… infects…destroys. We are unconscious of all the things that go into making up who we are until they are taken away.

Mind: “Don’t be stupid.” “They talk crap. Turn it off.”
Speech: “I can’t believe you said that.” “Don’t say things like that.”
Style: “Are you going to wear that?”
Laughter: “That’s not funny. Switch channels.”
Body: “Grow your hair longer.” “Go to the gym more.”

He believed in the ‘power of now’, so was not interested in knowing my past. He shut the door on who I was, so I lost sight of it. Eventually I did not know who I was, what I wanted, or where I was going. Strangely, he berated me for having no ambition. Apparently, ‘now’ includes the future.

But everybody loved him. His friends all looked up to him: the life of the party. He was the apple of his family’s eyes. But nobody saw, nobody knew. I reasoned “It must be me. It’s me. Of course it’s me. How could everybody else be wrong?” How was it that I was so detestable that I could never please such a great guy? So I changed: moment to moment, trying to read his moods before he had them. Trying to please. Trying to be better. Trying to be.

I fell pregnant. He said he didn’t want children. I couldn’t end its life. The house grew tenser. Tenser. At three months, I miscarried. After agonising in the bed for hours, my hopes for that child fell away in the shower. Hospital. Scraping. They gave me a toy in remembrance. He called me selfish.

I had to escape. Do or die. I looked for somewhere else to live. Why stay here? Sydney had been calling for a while, from across the continent.

Could I get a job in Sydney? I applied for one. I was interviewed. I got the job. When did they want me? Next week. Right. Book a hotel, give away furniture, give away cookware, give away books, give away clothes; see family, see friends. Two suitcases and a plane ticket: I was ready.

Sydney was overjoyed to see me! The harbour bridge exploded with colour and light above me as my taxi headed for the north shore. The Mardi Gras fireworks heralded my arrival, my new beginning.

I came to Sydney and came back to myself. On this foundation I began the construction of a life. My job is fulfilling yet challenging and is blossoming into a career. I have finished my Masters and have begun study towards a PhD. I have wonderful housemates and have gathered a group of funny, intelligent, caring and supportive friends around me. Sydney is home.

He cried the morning I left…

I have come to know Lucifer: he is the bringer of light. I am enlightened.

Samantha Crow
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Final Op Shopped goodies of 2012...

The last thrifted finds from 2012...

Instant Johnson collection thanks to this haul from Wynnum *squeals* 

Some pretty fabrics & sheets


Some new (to me) clothes:


pretty crockery...

some beautiful Staffordshire ultimately left behind (Nana trolley too full of Johnson!)

pretty melamine trays


pretty Japanese dinner set

70s patterns

 oil painting $1

cos' every girl needs a little green bag, a string bag naturally!

Hoping (somewhat belatedly) that your 2013 is full of lots of adventures, lovely times with family & friends and some sweet opshopped treats!! xx

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