Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Florals and fabrics and other finds

Here is a recap of some recent(ish) floral, fabric & other thrifted finds

love this teatowel!

some pretty Cowboy western style cotton voile: I am thinking a pretty tunic or blouse.

floral tablecloths: I like my florals big and bold!

vintage floral sheet

(another) vintage floral sheet

(and yet another) vintage floral sheet!

Paid a LOT for these sheets at the opshop: $18 *gasp* but I love this design and I justified it because last year I scored the lemon double set for only $2.50!

Not vintage sheets at this opshop just a gorgeous floral coverlet

Found Mr Dog to match my Mrs Cat!

Cute new thrifted charcoal winter cardi

Kathie Winkle zodiac plate

Playing along with Sophie and Selina...

Happy Opshopping everyone!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Winter Op Shopping

A *few* opshopped goodies from the last month or so...


Sweet Joanne Mercer flats $2

*another* teatowel

Fill a bag of clothes for $2 at my favourite opshop

Crown Lynne floral

UFO Herbert Hoot tapestry cushion kit: can't wait to finish it off and use it!


Top: old $1 purse which was getting a bit old
Bottom: new $1 purse

Shimmering peachy Fire King

Ikea stripes

Bookfest goodies

Crochet cushion cover

Sweet Meakin milk jug

Retro tablecloth

Linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds & Selina's Thrift Share Monday

Happy Winter Opshopping everyone!! xo
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