Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adventures in opshopping

So I've done a 'bit' of opshopping recently and picked up a 'few' bargains! vintage tea towels, fabric remnants and other bits and bobs.
I especially love it when you get things you actually need and not the I NEED that vintage sheet/tea towel/ cute kitchsy things kinda need... in my case some new potholders to replace our very very old ones!
(Although I do love when I find another vintage sheet that I totally need!)

tea towel goodness

manchester loveliness

fabric finds

random treats

gee that's a lot of goodies! Linking up with Sophie Her Library Adventure's Flea Market Finds

Happy opshopping everyone!! xx


  1. Great finds - especially the tea towels - great variety!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Fantastic finds. Love all those tea towels, especially the wombat one. x

  3. OMG I am turning a vile shade of green looking at those tea towels.

  4. Blooomin Hell Rachel! Those t.ts. are awesome. Boonah, pink afternoon tea, that geometric brown! Lovely and amazing! And re your comment, no there is never enough! Got to read more of your blog, love the name and I'm now following x


Thank you for your lovely comments x

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