Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recent thrifting

Well on a sunny Saturday I toddled off not just to vote but to go to a rummage sale at one of my favourite clothes opshops: Windsor Road Baptist Church Red Hill

What girl doesn't love to rummage amongst clothes to fill a bag for only $2?!?

And I've been taught to fill a bag by the best of them: my darling Mum. I still remember our trip to Endos @ Woolongabba many many years ago where Mum squeezed 16 items into a bag including a linen skirt I wore until it fell apart. The key is folding not cramming and building a good base.

Well here is my little pile of goodies: I piled 18 items in my bag!
The usual tees, tanks, blouses & shirts

and I also splurged in the half price boutique and rummage section:
pretty silk and cotton Cue blouse & I just cant resist another cute tee!

My 'Stunner Deal' outfit: existing thrifted shoes and belt with new blouse and silk shift from the Rummage Sale.
Total outfit cost: only slightly more than a Hungry Jack's Stunner Deal!! 
($4.95 for those unfamiliar with this bargain meal deal!)

A quick stopover on the way home netted some other goodies including this very bold floral pillowcase

Linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds & Selina's Thrift Share Monday

Happy thrifting everyone!! xx


  1. Lovely finds. Love the pillow case and Superman tee x

  2. Great finds! I love when you can find bunches of stuff on thrifting trips.



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