Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Op Shopping

As I hadn't been op shopping in a few weeks I popped off to visit several on Saturday and picked up these delightful finds:

Genuine NZ Ironstone floral plates

my latest floral sheet find

Floral Face washer

Now this is my kind of tea towel...

Darwin souvenir tea towel

Expensive end of bolt vintage corduroy begging me to take it home (& its twin too!). I can envisage some rad flares from this awesome fabric!

Peeking inside wardrobe drawers and stumbling upon gorgeous draw liners/contact.

Left behind this gorgeous vintage embroidery: if it had been 20c of course I would have taken it home, but it wasn't & I already have so many doilies. Not even my 'you could turn that into a cushion' encouragement was able to convince me! So I contented myself with taking a snap...

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Happy op shopping everyone! xx

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

vintage floral sheets make me happy

So I recently participated in the lovely Kellie's Vintage Sheet FQ Swap 3.0.
This is the third time Kellie has been super generous & hardworking and organised a lovely vintage sheet swap & the 3rd time I've participated!

Freshly twin tub washed vintage sheets drying on the line..

Inspired by Zaranne's amazing 100 FQ effort, I amassed 96 FQs: all neatly washed and folded ready to go
96FQs ready for the swap

And drumroll.... here is the vintage sheet loveliness I received back
(love how Kellie rainbow sorted them!)
Vintage sheet FQs

Just *some* of my favourites:
Vintage sheet FQs
Vintage sheet FQs

My existing FQ storage solution, a plastic crate, is going to have to be rethought:
its already too full from the previous FQ Swaps!!
More vintage sheet FQs

inspired to rainbow-ise my vintage sheet collection

*Love* vintage floral sheets...
Have a gorgeous day folks xx

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recent thrifting

Well on a sunny Saturday I toddled off not just to vote but to go to a rummage sale at one of my favourite clothes opshops: Windsor Road Baptist Church Red Hill

What girl doesn't love to rummage amongst clothes to fill a bag for only $2?!?

And I've been taught to fill a bag by the best of them: my darling Mum. I still remember our trip to Endos @ Woolongabba many many years ago where Mum squeezed 16 items into a bag including a linen skirt I wore until it fell apart. The key is folding not cramming and building a good base.

Well here is my little pile of goodies: I piled 18 items in my bag!
The usual tees, tanks, blouses & shirts

and I also splurged in the half price boutique and rummage section:
pretty silk and cotton Cue blouse & I just cant resist another cute tee!

My 'Stunner Deal' outfit: existing thrifted shoes and belt with new blouse and silk shift from the Rummage Sale.
Total outfit cost: only slightly more than a Hungry Jack's Stunner Deal!! 
($4.95 for those unfamiliar with this bargain meal deal!)

A quick stopover on the way home netted some other goodies including this very bold floral pillowcase

Linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds & Selina's Thrift Share Monday

Happy thrifting everyone!! xx
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