Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sometimes when I go opshopping...

Sometimes when I go opshopping I buy useful practical things...
like fridge & freezer thermometers so I can make sure my teenager fridge is still working ok (50c each)
Thrifted useful things

Sometimes, well actually most of the time, when I go opshopping I buy cheap things...
These pretty plastic headbands for 10 & 20c each
Thrifted cheap things

Sometimes when I go opshopping I buy other people's good intentions...
This sweet 1970s embroidery kit I am looking forward to finishing off
Thrifted other people's good intentions

Sometimes when I go opshopping I buy random bizarro things...
$1 plastic grapes that look good enough to eat
Thrifted random things

And sometimes when I go opshopping I buy expensive things, expensive gorgeous things, mostly florals or manchester or vintage...
Divine new in package vintage floral flanelette sheets.
I cant stop staring at this stunning print: I am mesmerised by their 70s floral deliciousness!
Thrifted vintage flannelette
Thrifted vintage flannelette

Happy Thrifting everyone!! xo

I'll be playing along with Sophie: Her Library Adventure's Flea Market Finds and Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Thrifting

Well as a treat for being very domestic and doing chores on a Friday night I went off on Saturday for a spot of opshopping to 2 local stores. Alas one of them was closed due to water damage: I hope they are ok & will be open again soon.

So I contented myself wandering around the Red Cross: it is one of my fave shops & for the princely sum of $4.60 I got 1 book, 2 pasta bowls, 2 Easter cards, 1 apron, 1 cup, and 10 assorted knives/forks/spoons: not a bad haul!

Playing along with Sophie's Flea Market Find's & Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday this week

Saturday thrifting

pretty new pasta bowls
Thrifted pretty pasta bowls

Yes I am guilty of buying quirky 10c Easter cards from the opshop: secretly want to fill my yard with inflatable bunnies for Easter!
Guilty of buying 10c Easter cards at the opshop

cute Warner Bros deka cup
Thrifted Warner Bros deka mug

Well even though I already have over ten aprons none of them are gingham
so it really was a case of I need this apron.
Whilst I already have over 10 vintage aprons, none of them are gingham so I really needed this!

I thought 20c cutlery was cheap,
but 10c each is even better: more vintage cutlery for my mismatched set
Thrifted cutlery 10c each: yes please!

Happy thrifting everyone! xx
(already planning my next thrifting adventure...)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Staycation Opshopping

Playing along with Sophie's Flea Market Finds again this week and also Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday (and planning my next opshopping trip...)

Well I had a week long staycation recently and and went off opshopping on a Wednesday to Wynnum: Wynnum Wednesday!
There are now only 10 opshops in Wynnum, not 11, and I cant believe I'm saying but 10 is almost too much. By around shop 7 my nanna trolley is fully and I am having to make tough decisions no opshopper should have to make. Like: I wont be able to buy this 50c woollen 'dog blanket' to repurpose because I have no room in my trolley!! or I really like these plates but they are terribly heavy so I'll have to go check out the last 3 opshops then come back here right at the end to buy them and hope they are still there! (they were... thankfully!)

It was a lovely Wynnum Wednesday anyway and I thrifted some delightful treats:

some more thrifted manchester: including vintage sheets for the swap
& some Scooby Doo sheeting for crafting.
Thrifted manchester

Not our clan, but neverless a  lovely tartan
Tartan fabric

sweet floral hankies
Sweet floral hankies

pretty embroidered linen
Embroidered linen

& some clothes: 'bumble bee' socks: 50c!
Bumble bee socks

slightly more practical: cute PJ.s.
Thrifted PJ fabric: ka-pow!

80s kids birthday card
80s kids birthday card

new dinner plates: Japanese Suzuka Stoneware. No Johnson yet but I am still searching...
Pretty Japanese stoneware dinner plate

Teatowels 50c each: my greedy hands couldnt get hold of this cache of
vintage 1970s and 1980s calendar teatowels fast enough!
Australian 70s & 80s calendar tea towels

Love browsing through everyone's awesome finds:
happy opshopping folks!! xx
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