Monday, September 19, 2011

September Thrifted Finds

I do so love opshopping!! I have been able to fit some opshopping in and purchased some lovely finds recently.

I may have already broken this year's resolve to only buy clothes from my fave opshop and their fill a bag for $2 rummage sales last month.... (hello pretty $9 dress from Red Cross!) and I continued this wanton spending at the rummage sale: got lots of nice tees and tanks in my $2 bag but a girl cant live on tees and tanks alone and I found some lovely things on the $3 table that I just had to have and splashed out on!!

Pretty shoes, a sweet bag, gorgeous dress & cardi, work clothes, some lovely vintage sheets & pillowcases, fabrics including some awesome tartan plaid: what more could a girl want?! Well this girl ended up wanting a woolen dress for winter refashioning next year even though it was a beautiful hot summery day: a future present to future me! Favourite find would have to be the One Teaspoon Pink Lace 'festival style' Butterfly top I scored in the fill a bag section: 16 items for $2!

Country Road CardiDressThrifted new work outfitPretty dress to be refashioned next winter One Teaspoon Butterfly top: 12.5c! Leather MocassinsThrifted $1 flatsVintage pillowcaseVintage SheetsVintage pillowcasePretty knit remnantParis fabricSweet tartan plaidViscose floral throw,etc

Happy thrifting to you all! xx


  1. Wow you did good. I love the sheets and the paris print is gorgeous.

    E :)

  2. The fabrics.... the die for...

  3. love the plaid, orange floral and paris fabric, great finds!


Thank you for your lovely comments x

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