Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vintage Sheet FQ Swap loveliness

Well I have participated in 2 Vintage Sheet FQ Swaps over the last year and want to share with everyone the Vintage Sheet loveliness.

Most recently was Green tea and Red nail's Vintage Sheet FQ Swap. The wonderful Kelly organised a mammoth swap!

Thrifted Sheets
I was busy selecting...

Drying on the Line

Vintage Sheet FQs
& FQ-ing vintage sheets...

Then later admiring the sheets some of the swappees received:  Patch Andi; Rosa's Room & weliketomakestuff.

Here are the lovely FQs I received:

Vintage Sheet FQ Stack
Vintage Sheet FQ Stack

Vintage Sheet FQ Swap
Rainbow circle of Vintage Sheet FQs

Last year I participated in Ange's Ramblings Vintage Sheet FQ Swap and for your vintage sheet enjoyment I belatedly present my FQs!
Vintage Sheet FQ Swap
Pretty rainbow circle of FQs

Vintage Sheet FQ stack
Vintage Sheet FQ Stack

Vintage Sheet Double FQ Stack
Vintage Sheet FQs!!

Hoping everyone has some vintage sheet loveliness to brighten their world xx


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for popping by my blog. I love your big rainbow circle of sheets. That's a fun way to photograph them. They look gorgeous. I wonder what you'll make. I've made a few little zip pouches so far with mine. I love your wooly cushion. Very cute and a bit different too.

  2. be still my beating heart. vintage fabrics are the best thing since sliced bread. thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes Rachel, the brown roses looks like yours, I adore it. I actually used it in my last post as a back drop. I have plans to make a clutch purse with it, I would love another fat quarter or two. Is there anymore of mine you would like?


Thank you for your lovely comments x

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