Sunday, June 5, 2011

Refashioned Top

In this week's Creative Space I finally whipped up a quick refashion I've had in the works for a while.
I've also submiited it to Project Restyle's Flickr group too:

When going through my Mum's stash ages ago I found these pretty white lace motifs:

White Lace Motif
White Lace Motif
 I have not sure where she got them, I think it was from an embellished tablecloth and she unpicked the motifs. When I saw them I thought they would look great stitched onto a black top of some kind... and so the search for a suitable black top began... Which ended up being harder than I thought because I only buy thrifted and I just needed some sort of plain black top in my size...

At last I thrifted a black slightly sparkly knit racer back style tank.

On Thursday night I experimented with the exact placement of the motif on the tank and stitched the front on first, just with a row of stitching near the neck & near the bottom of the motif, then stitched the back, and had a pretty new top refashion ready for casual Friday at work!!

Refashioned Top: front
Refashioned Top: front

Refashioned Top: Back
Refashioned Top: back
I have several more of these motifs so I see some other top refashions being done in the future.

I love creating my own fashion and looks: part of the sense of individuality inherited from my very much unique Mum!

Happy restyling!! xx

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vintage Sheet FQ Swap loveliness

Well I have participated in 2 Vintage Sheet FQ Swaps over the last year and want to share with everyone the Vintage Sheet loveliness.

Most recently was Green tea and Red nail's Vintage Sheet FQ Swap. The wonderful Kelly organised a mammoth swap!

Thrifted Sheets
I was busy selecting...

Drying on the Line

Vintage Sheet FQs
& FQ-ing vintage sheets...

Then later admiring the sheets some of the swappees received:  Patch Andi; Rosa's Room & weliketomakestuff.

Here are the lovely FQs I received:

Vintage Sheet FQ Stack
Vintage Sheet FQ Stack

Vintage Sheet FQ Swap
Rainbow circle of Vintage Sheet FQs

Last year I participated in Ange's Ramblings Vintage Sheet FQ Swap and for your vintage sheet enjoyment I belatedly present my FQs!
Vintage Sheet FQ Swap
Pretty rainbow circle of FQs

Vintage Sheet FQ stack
Vintage Sheet FQ Stack

Vintage Sheet Double FQ Stack
Vintage Sheet FQs!!

Hoping everyone has some vintage sheet loveliness to brighten their world xx
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