Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Creative Space: Owlie

Well this creativity in my creative space is from a couple of weeks ago: I made some 'Happy Goodbye' presents for the kiddies of my 2 of my dear work friends as I was leaving my old work for a new job and adventure in my life, hence I created a new gift giving occasion: 'Happy Goodbye!'
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I had wanted to make the Bernina Sewing Republic Snuggly Owl Softie Pattern created by Ashley from Make it and Love It as it looked so darn cute!

I made one change, omitting the red strip so it was a flatter softie (primarily so it was easier for me to make it!) I used thrifted and reclaimed fabrics from our stash inlcuding a soft purple polar fleece for the back & the stripe was from a knit dress I thrifted.

Cutting out the pieces

Owlie!! too-whit too-whoo...

Owlies: too wit! too woo!
Owlie plus friend ready for their new pals

I seriously want to make more of them: they are so cute and the colour, fabric and print combination possibilities are endless! Thanks to Ashley from Make it and Love it for her amazing talent & creativity and her awesome pattern!!

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  1. Oh wow Rachel, the owls are seriously adorable. Thanks for sharing the link tothe pattern, I'll definitely be bookmarking it.


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