Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flea Market Finds: May

At last I am belatedly posting some of my recent(ish) thrifted finds. Playing along this week with Apron Thrift Girl Thrift Share Monday and Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds

Thrifted Goodness
Assorted thrifted manchester and fabics goodies: old and new sheets, Hello Kitty bath mat, woollen fabric, tea towel, polished cotten, linen remnants, etc, etc.

New shoes
Pretty thrifted $2 flats: scarely worn (by the previous owner that is: these are my new fave shoes!)

Thrifted Pink Plastic Tot
Pink Plastic Tote: how could I resist! Hope to put a knitting project in it (when I get a knitting project that is!)

70s Bath Towel
Cant get enough 1970s floral bath towels.
 I do love my opshopping: I think it must time to organise another trip to Wynnum/Manly, armed with my nanna trolley, very very soon.

Hoping everyone has delightful wonderful serendipitous thrifting!! xx


  1. love those old terry bath towels too! great finds!

  2. I adore the floral bath towels! Those are wonderful. Great finds, thanks for sharing!

  3. sweet pink tote! Oh the cool things that can be held in there.

    the Joyful Thrifter

  4. LOVE the sheets. It is my addiction for sure!

  5. I love the old towels too! The colors and heck I just think they are better than what you can get today. I don't like super fluffy. I want a tote like yours!! Oh the memories that tote brought back! You never see them really anymore, hmmm.

  6. I love the pink plastic basket, my mom used to keep her crochet supplies in a similar basket.


Thank you for your lovely comments x

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