Monday, May 23, 2011

Cushion Swap

So I finished my cushion for Punky & Me's Cushion Swap, yay! then like Lauren from Lozalicious suffered some severe cushion swap performance anxiety: my simple cushion seemed a little plain Jane compared to the beauties some people have created: perhaps to make myself feel better I shall describe the style of cushion as 'understated simplicity'?!

I wanted to make a snuggly colourful winter cushion with a men's shirt back and totally from the stash: I had a knitted strip made with a lovely variegated yarn which I sandwiched between some dusky pink corduroy, et volia!  Made for Jacinta who turned out to be a fellow corduroy fan!
Cushion Swap: Shirt Back
Men's shirt back: cant wait to make more cushion backs like this!

Cushion Swap
Snuggly winter cushion with knitted front.

Received my amazing cushion in the post today: I LOVE it!!
Made by knitgirl66 from all pre-loved fabrics: and I totally love the green brown orange 70s hues: just my thing!! Currently residing on my tan recliner looking very much at home! Thank you knitgirl66: it is gorgeous!!
My received Cushion!!


  1. That cushion back is so cool (and coordinated)! Did you really include pens in the pocket? And I love the one you received too.

  2. Love both cushions. The pens in the pocket are a fab idea.

  3. How cool is your the back.

    I also like the tones of the one you received.

  4. Ha! just noticed the pen! Superb!

  5. Shirt-back cushions are where it's at, in my opinion. ;)

    Love the one you received too, in fact, I am just enjoying this whole wonderful cushion swap vibe!

    Thanks so much for joining in. :)

  6. Cute shirty idea and a very schnuggly front! Cute!

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