Monday, October 31, 2011

Wynnum Op Shopping Guide

I think Wynnum would have to be the best opshopping location in all of Brisbane: I have the details of 11 op shops in Wynnum for you all!
Easily all within walking distance and close to the train station and bus stops.
Helpful Note: visiting so many op shops is quite a big day: dont forget to take a nanna trolley if you are going by bus/train and remember to take a break for snacks & lunch: opshopping can be tiring work!

I have made a Wynnum Op Shopping Google Maps with the details too:

View Wynnum Op Shopping Guide in a larger map

Aid for the Blind Op Shop
82 Florence Street
(07) 3893 0252 ‎

Association for Pre-School Education of Deaf Children Thrift Shop
96 Florence St
Phone: (07) 3396 8517

44 Charlotte St (cnr Bay Terrace)
Opening hours: Specialising in Furniture. Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat 9am - 1pm
Phone: (07) 3393 4418

Mary's Op Shop
Shop 5/ 89 Bay Tce
(07) 3348 6696

Endeavour Recycled Clothing
99 Bay Terrace
Phone 07 3396 0100

101 Bay Terrace
07 3393 5669

111 Bay Terrace
Ph (07) 3393 3217 Fax (07) 3393 3217
Mon - Sat: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Asthma Foundation
131 Bay Terrace cnr Bay Terrace & Edith St

Australian Red Cross
Edith St Arcade
(07) 3893 3350

Salvation Army (not Salvo’s!)
128 Tingal Rd near Train Station

Pandora’s St Peter's Wynnum Church Thrift Shop
77 Charlotte St or Bride Street
Monday to Friday 9am to 12 noon
3393 3945

Happy thrifting everyone!!

Wynnum Wednesday Thrifting

Just a 'bit' of thrifting! Well I did hit up Wynnum: on 'Wynnum Wednesday' and  perused the 11 opshops there!

Vintage sheets: lots of 'em!, plus a gorgeous woollen/mohair blanket and some woollen remnants stacked on top (with a few teeny holes near the edges but at least that way I know its beautiful wool! Cant be the only one who buys 'eaten' fabric...)

Playing along with Sophie's Flea Market Finds & Selena's Thrift Share Monday

Just a 'bit' of thrifting
tower of opshopped goodness...

Thrifted heels
a lovely pair of thrifted shoes
Vintage woollen/mohair blanket
Only $2 for a woollen/mohair blanket!

Vintage Pillowcase

Vintage Sheet: autumn florals
Autumnal flowers: set plus pillowcases

Vintage Sheet: lemon and green
Green and lemon double set

Vintage Sheet
My all time favourite print (but not my fave colourways!)
Vintage Sheet: purple goodness
Purple flowers

Vintage Sheet: Blue Green
Blue Green poly cotton double set
'Vintage' Sheet
Kind of 1981 rather than 1970s vintage sheets: but still a pretty cotton colourful vintage-ish sheet.

Happy thrifting everyone!! xo

Monday, September 19, 2011

September Thrifted Finds

I do so love opshopping!! I have been able to fit some opshopping in and purchased some lovely finds recently.

I may have already broken this year's resolve to only buy clothes from my fave opshop and their fill a bag for $2 rummage sales last month.... (hello pretty $9 dress from Red Cross!) and I continued this wanton spending at the rummage sale: got lots of nice tees and tanks in my $2 bag but a girl cant live on tees and tanks alone and I found some lovely things on the $3 table that I just had to have and splashed out on!!

Pretty shoes, a sweet bag, gorgeous dress & cardi, work clothes, some lovely vintage sheets & pillowcases, fabrics including some awesome tartan plaid: what more could a girl want?! Well this girl ended up wanting a woolen dress for winter refashioning next year even though it was a beautiful hot summery day: a future present to future me! Favourite find would have to be the One Teaspoon Pink Lace 'festival style' Butterfly top I scored in the fill a bag section: 16 items for $2!

Country Road CardiDressThrifted new work outfitPretty dress to be refashioned next winter One Teaspoon Butterfly top: 12.5c! Leather MocassinsThrifted $1 flatsVintage pillowcaseVintage SheetsVintage pillowcasePretty knit remnantParis fabricSweet tartan plaidViscose floral throw,etc

Happy thrifting to you all! xx

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Refashioned Top

In this week's Creative Space I finally whipped up a quick refashion I've had in the works for a while.
I've also submiited it to Project Restyle's Flickr group too:

When going through my Mum's stash ages ago I found these pretty white lace motifs:

White Lace Motif
White Lace Motif
 I have not sure where she got them, I think it was from an embellished tablecloth and she unpicked the motifs. When I saw them I thought they would look great stitched onto a black top of some kind... and so the search for a suitable black top began... Which ended up being harder than I thought because I only buy thrifted and I just needed some sort of plain black top in my size...

At last I thrifted a black slightly sparkly knit racer back style tank.

On Thursday night I experimented with the exact placement of the motif on the tank and stitched the front on first, just with a row of stitching near the neck & near the bottom of the motif, then stitched the back, and had a pretty new top refashion ready for casual Friday at work!!

Refashioned Top: front
Refashioned Top: front

Refashioned Top: Back
Refashioned Top: back
I have several more of these motifs so I see some other top refashions being done in the future.

I love creating my own fashion and looks: part of the sense of individuality inherited from my very much unique Mum!

Happy restyling!! xx

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vintage Sheet FQ Swap loveliness

Well I have participated in 2 Vintage Sheet FQ Swaps over the last year and want to share with everyone the Vintage Sheet loveliness.

Most recently was Green tea and Red nail's Vintage Sheet FQ Swap. The wonderful Kelly organised a mammoth swap!

Thrifted Sheets
I was busy selecting...

Drying on the Line

Vintage Sheet FQs
& FQ-ing vintage sheets...

Then later admiring the sheets some of the swappees received:  Patch Andi; Rosa's Room & weliketomakestuff.

Here are the lovely FQs I received:

Vintage Sheet FQ Stack
Vintage Sheet FQ Stack

Vintage Sheet FQ Swap
Rainbow circle of Vintage Sheet FQs

Last year I participated in Ange's Ramblings Vintage Sheet FQ Swap and for your vintage sheet enjoyment I belatedly present my FQs!
Vintage Sheet FQ Swap
Pretty rainbow circle of FQs

Vintage Sheet FQ stack
Vintage Sheet FQ Stack

Vintage Sheet Double FQ Stack
Vintage Sheet FQs!!

Hoping everyone has some vintage sheet loveliness to brighten their world xx

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cushion Swap

So I finished my cushion for Punky & Me's Cushion Swap, yay! then like Lauren from Lozalicious suffered some severe cushion swap performance anxiety: my simple cushion seemed a little plain Jane compared to the beauties some people have created: perhaps to make myself feel better I shall describe the style of cushion as 'understated simplicity'?!

I wanted to make a snuggly colourful winter cushion with a men's shirt back and totally from the stash: I had a knitted strip made with a lovely variegated yarn which I sandwiched between some dusky pink corduroy, et volia!  Made for Jacinta who turned out to be a fellow corduroy fan!
Cushion Swap: Shirt Back
Men's shirt back: cant wait to make more cushion backs like this!

Cushion Swap
Snuggly winter cushion with knitted front.

Received my amazing cushion in the post today: I LOVE it!!
Made by knitgirl66 from all pre-loved fabrics: and I totally love the green brown orange 70s hues: just my thing!! Currently residing on my tan recliner looking very much at home! Thank you knitgirl66: it is gorgeous!!
My received Cushion!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Creative Space: Owlie

Well this creativity in my creative space is from a couple of weeks ago: I made some 'Happy Goodbye' presents for the kiddies of my 2 of my dear work friends as I was leaving my old work for a new job and adventure in my life, hence I created a new gift giving occasion: 'Happy Goodbye!'
For more creative spaces curated by kootoyoo head over to Our Creative Spaces.

I had wanted to make the Bernina Sewing Republic Snuggly Owl Softie Pattern created by Ashley from Make it and Love It as it looked so darn cute!

I made one change, omitting the red strip so it was a flatter softie (primarily so it was easier for me to make it!) I used thrifted and reclaimed fabrics from our stash inlcuding a soft purple polar fleece for the back & the stripe was from a knit dress I thrifted.

Cutting out the pieces

Owlie!! too-whit too-whoo...

Owlies: too wit! too woo!
Owlie plus friend ready for their new pals

I seriously want to make more of them: they are so cute and the colour, fabric and print combination possibilities are endless! Thanks to Ashley from Make it and Love it for her amazing talent & creativity and her awesome pattern!!

Flea Market Finds: May

At last I am belatedly posting some of my recent(ish) thrifted finds. Playing along this week with Apron Thrift Girl Thrift Share Monday and Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds

Thrifted Goodness
Assorted thrifted manchester and fabics goodies: old and new sheets, Hello Kitty bath mat, woollen fabric, tea towel, polished cotten, linen remnants, etc, etc.

New shoes
Pretty thrifted $2 flats: scarely worn (by the previous owner that is: these are my new fave shoes!)

Thrifted Pink Plastic Tot
Pink Plastic Tote: how could I resist! Hope to put a knitting project in it (when I get a knitting project that is!)

70s Bath Towel
Cant get enough 1970s floral bath towels.
 I do love my opshopping: I think it must time to organise another trip to Wynnum/Manly, armed with my nanna trolley, very very soon.

Hoping everyone has delightful wonderful serendipitous thrifting!! xx

Monday, March 7, 2011


For your listening and viewing pleasure I give you 1960s British band The Honeycombs with their hit: Have I the Right.

Despite my tender years I do love listening to 'oldies' radio stations: starting back in my late teens in Wollongong listening to 96.5 WAVEFM where my love of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap first started, to up here in Brisbane where I love listening to 4KQ  especially on the weekend with all their great 60s and 70s songs.

The Honeycombs took this song to Number 1 in the UK in 1964. The single sold over a million copies but sadly the group's success didnt continue and they split up in 1966.

I just cant stop clapping my hands when I listen to this song!! I love it: my new favourite old song!
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