Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Handmade Advent Calendar

I loved our childhood advent calendar, a beautiful olde worlde stable scene with cute biblical pictures behind each window and glitter, whats not to like about glitter! From Etsy these kind of calendars seem to be called vintage West German advent calendars. Each Christmas I would eagerly open each window even though I had been opening the same windows for about the last 15 years! I LOVED that advent calendar.

Sadly our beautiful advent calendar along with the rest of our christmas decorations (including some beautiful cane christmas churches my mum had had for years) disappeared in mysterious circumstances over ten years ago  *sob*
I have mourned the loss of that advent calendar since and this weekend I finally finished this new advent calendar:

The image is from a children's book: "My Big Christmas Book" which I picked up at an opshop last year and its full of the most beautiful illustrations, some of which, including this one, must be done by the same illustrator who designed the images for the Piatnik Finding Pairs memory game we played as children because the kids faces in this picture are exactly the same as the doll from the memory game. I would cry if I didnt get that dolly! My brother always took great delight in trying to match the dolls because I loved them so much but my mum, bless her, would let me trade one of my pairs for the dolls if she matched them!

The details. I thought this picture would be great for an advent calendar because aside from it being a gorgeous illustration I could put images behind the candles. There werent quite enough candles so I used some of the other ornaments. I scanned the image so I could edit the picture on my pc then on one copy copied and pasted small cute nativity style illustrations onto the candle and other ornament areas. I found some cute images through googling. I had the star for day 24 and put a large nativity scene behind that window.

Then on the original image I randomly added the advent numbers then had both images printed on card at Officeworks. I cut out the candle and ornament windows leaving one edge for the fold using a craft knife and a cutting board, then glued the two cards together when I realised I hadnt cut out one window! oops! Thankfully I was able to cut it out without cutting through the back card.

Volia one cute advent calendar which I am seriously enjoying opening each window!

Hooray for crafting, thrifting and advent calendars AND 'finding pairs'!!

Playing along this week with Apron Thrift Girl's Make Share.


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  1. Came over from Selena's Make Share. Cute illustration, and what a wonderful idea! Looks like it turned out great.


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