Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My heart skipped a beat... Op Shopping Finds

So ever since I participated in Ange's Ramblings Vintage Sheet FQ Swap I have experienced some severe vintage sheet lust… looking at the FQs everyone else got, searching on flickr… even contemplating making a bid on this gorgeous sheet on ebay
One of my favourite designs and in a purple colourways too!!
But my natural economic sensibilities got in the way and I consoled myself with saving the picture instead.

Recently I decided I would ‘pop into' Lutwyche to go the Salvos and Lifeline there whilst my mum was having a nap. Wandered in, looked at the clothes, turned around to the manchester and…

Vintage Sheet
Only $6.50. I clutched it to my chest and gave it a hug!!! Yay!!!
The next day I thought I would go to Annerley to visit the 3 or 4 opshops there. It’s probably been at least 2 years since we have been there, and I thought it’s a good opportunity to hit them up!

First Lifeline
This stunning sheet $4
Vintage Sheet
What a beautiful print, never seen this before.

This this gorgeous double at the Red Cross
Vintage Sheet
I am in heaven!!!
I think I have just scored the vintage sheets of dreams.

Still more vintage sheets goodness...
Haven’t been to Wynnum in years, so decided to go on a Wednesday ‘Wynnum Wednesday’ I called it: I had a list of 11 op shops and I saw another.
Made the mistake of buying too much at the 2nd opshop I went to so then had too much to lug around so I had to buy a nanna trolley.

No sheets as exciting as the ‘beautiful three’ but all these lovely linens and more for only $10:
Vintage Sheets

2 pillowcases

Vintage Sheets from Salvos and Red Cross
(half in this photo were from this lot, the other from the Red Cross at Alderley the next week)

I wish my name was KYM:
Vintage Kym cushion cover The Upstairs Shop: London
This cushion is from a delightful store called the Upstairs Shop in London, in the 70s I think
This lovely doona cover for $3
Floral Heart Doona
I love quilt covers: they havent been worn as much as sheets!

This double from the Red Cross
Vintage Floral Sheet

Then at the Vinnies I saw all of these, but had too much already so left them behind?! I must have been delirious! Got my nanna trolley, lunched and visited all the other shops then finally came back here, how could I have left these behind!!

I really really love the green one.
Vintage Floral Sheet

Vintage tablecoth
Vintage floral tablecloth

I also scored a Cadbury doona cover which I have tidied away and now cant find to take a picture of.

Despite my seasoned years didn’t buy a jacket I liked, so went back Friday a week later to see if it was there but NO! But found these ballerina sheets
Vintage Ballerina Sheet

Okay: enough sheet buying!!!!

The Leaning Tower of Vintage Sheet goodness
I can now start on the vintage sheet quilt to end all quilts!!

Whoops forgot about these:
Vintage floral sheet
Lifeline on the way to catch the bus, cant actually remember when I bought them, but between Annerley and Wynnum sometime!!

I ♥ vintage sheets, but I do occasionally buy other things too!!
like vintage fabric:
Vintage floral fabric

and adorable tins:
Tin Suitcases

I scored the Hello Kitty one on the right, the other I bought years ago at Lifeline: a yummy picnic suitcase:
Picnic Tin

Playing along this week with Her Library Adventure's Flea Market Finds &
Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday

Happy thrifting and opshopping wherever you may be!


  1. Crikey, what a haul! My heart would have skipped a beat too! It's gorgeous.

  2. OMG this is vintage sheet heaven. Very very jealous!

  3. Oh My!! What fabulous vintage goodness! I LOVE that second one - I haven't seen that design before either, very nice! I look forward to seeing your quilt creation :)

  4. Fabulous sheets, they just dont make colours like that any more

  5. Lucky you got the nanna trolley - that was quite a haul to take home on the bus. Wonderful finds!

  6. Wynnum is a great place for an op shop. There are some other areas that have some fantastic 'clusters' like Redcliffe Peninsula, Bribie Island, etc. I've managed to locate over 200 op shops in the Brisbane and surrounding areas and have published all of the details in a book titled The Op Shoppers Guide to Brisbane and surrounding areas. For those intereste, have a look at

  7. beautiful stuff...all prints are fine...your blog is also fine although new but good..keep it up...

  8. Wow! You found some awesome sheets - quite a few prints I've never seen before!

  9. You've got a couple of nice finds here but you're giving me memories of when I was a little girl counting flowers on my bedsheets instead of sheep :-)

  10. I have that same orange and green sheet. Well I did. We cut them up at church to make little girls dresses for a missions project. :)
    Great score! Those are lovely and making me drool. I hope to make some good finds like that soon. :)

  11. only the best vintage sheet haul...ever! just amazing. the feeling of finding fabric like this makes the world go around..for me and you anyway!

  12. oh my goodness!!! these are AMAZING! i am seriously in love! haha!

    thanks for your comment on my blog about 'the handmade marketplace'. i just ordered it from book depository. i cant wait to get it in my mailbox! yay!

    kel x


Thank you for your lovely comments x

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