Saturday, September 25, 2010


Other people may have used Splayds which were invented by William McArthur in the 1940s in Sydney, Australia and are a spoon, fork and knife in one utensil, or Sporfs, Spifes, Sporks or Knorks...

But I grew up using the delicious Eazi-Eater "It scoops...LIKE A SPOON    It spears...LIKE A FORK    It cuts...LIKE A KNIFE": the Eazi-Eater!!

We still have 4 of the 6 Eazi-Eaters my Mum had. We gave a couple to my brother and I jokingly bemoan this when I am trying to find an Eazi-Eater! He is adamant we only gave him one!! I love my Eazi-Eater, particularly when eating Tuna Casserole which our family have been making since before I was born. I could almost just use an Eazi-Eater for every meal!
Sadly there is very little information on these delighful eating utensils so I have done some googling and can now present my findings.

I was able to find some images of Eazi-Eaters and can now share them for your sporf/spork enjoyment.

The Es in the Eazi-Eater logo (which was engraved on the back of the utensils) had the Eazi-Eaters as part of the Es.
This package states they are made by Clarion/Heath in Japan.
These Eazi-Eaters have a different style handle

This quote was included in a listing for a six pack of Eazi -Eaters on eBay:

"Silver Birch De- Luxe

Eazi-Eater reg. Design no 50717
The sensational 3-in-1 Eating Utensil
Swedish Design Quality Stainless Steel
It scoops...LIKE A SPOON
It spears...LIKE A FORK
It cuts...LIKE A KNIFE

I LOVE them! I so need a six pack of Eazi-Eaters, I would like to take one with me when I eat out and I could probably give a spare or 2 to my brother!!

Hopefully courtesy of eBay I will be able to have more Eazi-Eaters in the not too distant future. :o)


  1. We have used Splades forever but I haven't seen these before! They look great, I hope you can track some more down!

  2. That is great.
    Very lovly.

    greatings sent you Conny

  3. hi there, I have 12 of these eazi eater "thingys" for sale. If you are interested contact me

  4. I have been looking for these for ages too. I thought I had lucked onto the site to purchase them from. But alas no. We had a set of 6 but only have 4 left. They are so handy. Have you managed to find out where to get them from yet. I would love to get some more. Jan

  5. I'm so glad I found this! I grew up using splayds but my parents always called them Eazi-Eaters (I hadn't realised it was a brand name and always wrote it easy-eaters until seeing this post). But ours didn't have a serrated edge so I guess weren't the real thing. When I moved to the UK aged 21 I got my parents to send over a box of splayds because I couldn't find them anywhere there. Couldn't be without them!

  6. Good luck on your search I've been looking for these beautiful things for years now. I only have 5 left


Thank you for your lovely comments x

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