Saturday, September 25, 2010


Other people may have used Splayds which were invented by William McArthur in the 1940s in Sydney, Australia and are a spoon, fork and knife in one utensil, or Sporfs, Spifes, Sporks or Knorks...

But I grew up using the delicious Eazi-Eater "It scoops...LIKE A SPOON    It spears...LIKE A FORK    It cuts...LIKE A KNIFE": the Eazi-Eater!!

We still have 4 of the 6 Eazi-Eaters my Mum had. We gave a couple to my brother and I jokingly bemoan this when I am trying to find an Eazi-Eater! He is adamant we only gave him one!! I love my Eazi-Eater, particularly when eating Tuna Casserole which our family have been making since before I was born. I could almost just use an Eazi-Eater for every meal!
Sadly there is very little information on these delighful eating utensils so I have done some googling and can now present my findings.

I was able to find some images of Eazi-Eaters and can now share them for your sporf/spork enjoyment.

The Es in the Eazi-Eater logo (which was engraved on the back of the utensils) had the Eazi-Eaters as part of the Es.
This package states they are made by Clarion/Heath in Japan.
These Eazi-Eaters have a different style handle

This quote was included in a listing for a six pack of Eazi -Eaters on eBay:

"Silver Birch De- Luxe

Eazi-Eater reg. Design no 50717
The sensational 3-in-1 Eating Utensil
Swedish Design Quality Stainless Steel
It scoops...LIKE A SPOON
It spears...LIKE A FORK
It cuts...LIKE A KNIFE

I LOVE them! I so need a six pack of Eazi-Eaters, I would like to take one with me when I eat out and I could probably give a spare or 2 to my brother!!

Hopefully courtesy of eBay I will be able to have more Eazi-Eaters in the not too distant future. :o)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My heart skipped a beat... Op Shopping Finds

So ever since I participated in Ange's Ramblings Vintage Sheet FQ Swap I have experienced some severe vintage sheet lust… looking at the FQs everyone else got, searching on flickr… even contemplating making a bid on this gorgeous sheet on ebay
One of my favourite designs and in a purple colourways too!!
But my natural economic sensibilities got in the way and I consoled myself with saving the picture instead.

Recently I decided I would ‘pop into' Lutwyche to go the Salvos and Lifeline there whilst my mum was having a nap. Wandered in, looked at the clothes, turned around to the manchester and…

Vintage Sheet
Only $6.50. I clutched it to my chest and gave it a hug!!! Yay!!!
The next day I thought I would go to Annerley to visit the 3 or 4 opshops there. It’s probably been at least 2 years since we have been there, and I thought it’s a good opportunity to hit them up!

First Lifeline
This stunning sheet $4
Vintage Sheet
What a beautiful print, never seen this before.

This this gorgeous double at the Red Cross
Vintage Sheet
I am in heaven!!!
I think I have just scored the vintage sheets of dreams.

Still more vintage sheets goodness...
Haven’t been to Wynnum in years, so decided to go on a Wednesday ‘Wynnum Wednesday’ I called it: I had a list of 11 op shops and I saw another.
Made the mistake of buying too much at the 2nd opshop I went to so then had too much to lug around so I had to buy a nanna trolley.

No sheets as exciting as the ‘beautiful three’ but all these lovely linens and more for only $10:
Vintage Sheets

2 pillowcases

Vintage Sheets from Salvos and Red Cross
(half in this photo were from this lot, the other from the Red Cross at Alderley the next week)

I wish my name was KYM:
Vintage Kym cushion cover The Upstairs Shop: London
This cushion is from a delightful store called the Upstairs Shop in London, in the 70s I think
This lovely doona cover for $3
Floral Heart Doona
I love quilt covers: they havent been worn as much as sheets!

This double from the Red Cross
Vintage Floral Sheet

Then at the Vinnies I saw all of these, but had too much already so left them behind?! I must have been delirious! Got my nanna trolley, lunched and visited all the other shops then finally came back here, how could I have left these behind!!

I really really love the green one.
Vintage Floral Sheet

Vintage tablecoth
Vintage floral tablecloth

I also scored a Cadbury doona cover which I have tidied away and now cant find to take a picture of.

Despite my seasoned years didn’t buy a jacket I liked, so went back Friday a week later to see if it was there but NO! But found these ballerina sheets
Vintage Ballerina Sheet

Okay: enough sheet buying!!!!

The Leaning Tower of Vintage Sheet goodness
I can now start on the vintage sheet quilt to end all quilts!!

Whoops forgot about these:
Vintage floral sheet
Lifeline on the way to catch the bus, cant actually remember when I bought them, but between Annerley and Wynnum sometime!!

I ♥ vintage sheets, but I do occasionally buy other things too!!
like vintage fabric:
Vintage floral fabric

and adorable tins:
Tin Suitcases

I scored the Hello Kitty one on the right, the other I bought years ago at Lifeline: a yummy picnic suitcase:
Picnic Tin

Playing along this week with Her Library Adventure's Flea Market Finds &
Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday

Happy thrifting and opshopping wherever you may be!
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