Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well I am seriously behind in reading everyone's gorgeous finds over the last few weeks on Flea Market Finds on Sophie's Her Library Adventures

I have actually been able to do some opshopping over the last few weeks :o) but only because my mum is back in hospital :o( So I have hit the opshops for a round of plus one-less shopping. My mum & I have been op shopping buddies for over a decade: gee we have had some awesome opshopping adventures and mis-adventures over the last 10 years!!!

I was able to find some treats for my mum: vintage flannelette and a piece of vintage woollen fabric for her which even had the original tag on it! I love it when you find things like that! I am also thinking it might be fun to dye it!

vintage woollen fabric


From the Lifeline Bookfest I went to in June, I had a major case of bookfair envy when I saw a woman with a Print Gocco in box with the price of $3 written on it!!!! I would have LOVED that! Good on her though!! Great find!

However, I did find some great craft books:
Craft books from Lifeline Bookfest 2010

We love Ondori books!

And some more cool lotto type & word games to add to my collection. I hope to use them in some creative/crafty way sometime in the future…

lifeline games
Cute vintage block game from the lifeline bookfest:
Vintage block game from Lifeline Bookfest 2010

From normal opshopping: 2 vintage linen teatowels, a floral face washer and a crochet pot holder. I attempted to relearn how to crochet recently, but I need a bit more practice. I did a whole row of slip stitch thinking I was crocheting chain stitch! I am going to use Meet me at Mike’s Granny Square Tutorials in another attempt to get it right!


I also scored a heap of one dollar clothes from my favourite opshop, including some much needed long sleeve tops for this cold weather we are suffering in Brisbane: its always good to find things you actually need isnt it!
$1 clothes from my favourite opshop!!

I have gotten 3 pairs of gorgeous summer sandals from the opshops over the last few weeks:

(L-R) Leather sandals $1 from aforementioned fave one dollar opshop; just this week $2 sandals (might be leather but they had such great flexible soles had to buy them!) from Geebung Red Cross and lastly Mollini leather gladiator sandals $3 from Lifeline.


I discovered I can catch a bus to Geebung so popped off to visit their 4 opshops and got these: lovely dull plum velvet cushion covers, cute children's pillowcase, a lovely fat DJ copy of DFB Nancy to the Rescue (to replace my non DJ copy!) & a floral pink shower curtain I am hoping to use somehow: I am thinking wrapping paper, maybe stitching up a small envelope style bag or something! have to put my thinking cap on!!!

geebung goodies

And lastly, just less than one minute after I had posted off my vintage sheet FQs for Ange’s Ramblings Vintage Sheet FQ Swap I found some vintage cotton sheets at the local opshop!! Two singles and 2 pillowcases. I love the floral print, less so the colours, would have looked gorgeous in a pink, purple, green or blue colourways, but I wont say no to some cotton vintage floral sheets! They will have to be for the next FQ swap whenever that might be….

vintage sheets!

I hope everyone enjoys fun and fruitful opshopping this week!!
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