Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well I have been having such a delightful time reading everyone's posts on Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures with Sophie over the last couple of weeks and wishing I could go opshopping, but alas there is not much opshopping adventures for me on the horizon. Hopefully in a couple of months...

Instead here are some of my former finds: hope that's okay to share some of my fave recent (ish) finds!

Gorgeous vintage teatowel, bought at Vinnies at Wynnum, and smuggled to the counter while I told my mum to go off elsewhere in the shop! The perfect gift for a loved mum!

I Love Mum vintage teatowel

Bath Towels

Well I remember the beautiful floral bath towels from my very early childhood and I have been fortunate enough to find some awesome floral vintage bath towels earlier this year.

These gorgeous beauties all together at the local, they must have come from someone's household linen:

Vintage floral bath towels

Closeups of the 5 towels: I love the different print and colour combinations.

Vintage Floral Towel 1

Vintage Floral Towel 2

Vintage Floral Towel 3

Vintage Floral Towel 4

Vintage Floral Towel 5

This last one was from an earlier find at my fave opshop in Alderley: Red Cross: I love an opshop that has a bit of everything: clothes, shoes, bric a brac, books, manchester, and this op shop never fails to produce finds!

Vintage Floral Towel

I hope everyone has some great thrifting/flea marketing/opshopping this week!
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  1. Excellent finds Rachel!! I am always happy to see what treasures have been found, whether is was this week or ten years ago. I share you love of vintage teatowels and all linens. And your interest in school stories! Hope you have a great week & get to do some opshopping asap xo

  2. you had a great week. your towels look lovely.

    My Flea Market Find


  4. you know what's super weird? i found the same teatowel at the asthma foundation IN WYNNUM!


Thank you for your lovely comments x

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