Friday, May 28, 2010

Bargain Buy of the Century!?!

I have been doing online grocery shops for the last 5 weeks or so, and on Thursday I was browsing the bin aisle whilst finalising my order when I saw it... 1c items!!!

First of all I thought they must be selling zip lock bags individually!

I had no idea what the items exactly were, they did not have any pictures, so I googled the names and figured they were 2 types of bins and 1 type of storage container with those snap lids.... for one cent each! I promptly put some in my order. I have very thrifty genes I couldnt do otherwise!

I wasnt sure if I would actually end up with some or any of the one cent items, in my confirmation order email I was informed the Sterelite bins were out of stock, so I was thinking... well... they didnt say the other items were out of stock... I could be getting some 1c storage containers...

And then this morning when the lovely Coles delivery guy dropped off my groceries, he also dropped off some one cent storage containers! Well actually 10 because thats how many I ordered!!

I am not sure why they were listed as 1c, perhaps its a final final clearance?!
I am looking forward to better storing some fabrics and crafty items & supplies and other things in them instead of in random bags, odd boxes and suchlike

So if anyone has to do an online Coles grocery shop soon and needs some new storage containers and can scrounge together an extra few cents, order some!

They also had lidded Huro Billy buckets for one cent, but I didnt find them until after later that day. :(
I did also get some of the wastepaper bins for one cent each, and now can boast of having matching wastepapers bins in the house!

10c for 10 storage containers: I think the best 10 cents I have ever spent!!

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  1. wow!! Great buying!! Coles doesn't deliver to our area I wish they would hurry up even more :)


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