Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well I have been having such a delightful time reading everyone's posts on Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures with Sophie over the last couple of weeks and wishing I could go opshopping, but alas there is not much opshopping adventures for me on the horizon. Hopefully in a couple of months...

Instead here are some of my former finds: hope that's okay to share some of my fave recent (ish) finds!

Gorgeous vintage teatowel, bought at Vinnies at Wynnum, and smuggled to the counter while I told my mum to go off elsewhere in the shop! The perfect gift for a loved mum!

I Love Mum vintage teatowel

Bath Towels

Well I remember the beautiful floral bath towels from my very early childhood and I have been fortunate enough to find some awesome floral vintage bath towels earlier this year.

These gorgeous beauties all together at the local, they must have come from someone's household linen:

Vintage floral bath towels

Closeups of the 5 towels: I love the different print and colour combinations.

Vintage Floral Towel 1

Vintage Floral Towel 2

Vintage Floral Towel 3

Vintage Floral Towel 4

Vintage Floral Towel 5

This last one was from an earlier find at my fave opshop in Alderley: Red Cross: I love an opshop that has a bit of everything: clothes, shoes, bric a brac, books, manchester, and this op shop never fails to produce finds!

Vintage Floral Towel

I hope everyone has some great thrifting/flea marketing/opshopping this week!
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bargain Buy of the Century!?!

I have been doing online grocery shops for the last 5 weeks or so, and on Thursday I was browsing the bin aisle whilst finalising my order when I saw it... 1c items!!!

First of all I thought they must be selling zip lock bags individually!

I had no idea what the items exactly were, they did not have any pictures, so I googled the names and figured they were 2 types of bins and 1 type of storage container with those snap lids.... for one cent each! I promptly put some in my order. I have very thrifty genes I couldnt do otherwise!

I wasnt sure if I would actually end up with some or any of the one cent items, in my confirmation order email I was informed the Sterelite bins were out of stock, so I was thinking... well... they didnt say the other items were out of stock... I could be getting some 1c storage containers...

And then this morning when the lovely Coles delivery guy dropped off my groceries, he also dropped off some one cent storage containers! Well actually 10 because thats how many I ordered!!

I am not sure why they were listed as 1c, perhaps its a final final clearance?!
I am looking forward to better storing some fabrics and crafty items & supplies and other things in them instead of in random bags, odd boxes and suchlike

So if anyone has to do an online Coles grocery shop soon and needs some new storage containers and can scrounge together an extra few cents, order some!

They also had lidded Huro Billy buckets for one cent, but I didnt find them until after later that day. :(
I did also get some of the wastepaper bins for one cent each, and now can boast of having matching wastepapers bins in the house!

10c for 10 storage containers: I think the best 10 cents I have ever spent!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well I have enjoying everyone's posts over the last almost two months and it is my pleasure to be able to join in (at last!) with Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds. I am a long time opshopper first time Flea Market Finds poster! I have enjoyed over 11 glorious years of equally glorious opshopping.
I have actually not done any opshopping in the last 2 weeks, so I will show what I found earlier in April. I had a very good run of opshopping in November and December last year, managing to hit all my favourite op shops and scored lots of good finds, then I fasted from opshopping for almost a whole month then decided that was enough time and I should really hit all my favourite haunts again! I was able to break my fast with a delightful fill a bag for $1 clothes sale at the Windsor Road Thrift Shop, and um well I certainly made up for my near months fast! 6c clothes are very pleasing!

Here are some of my recent April finds...
As soon as I looked over at the manchester in Lifeline I grabbed this gorgeous Sheridan vintage floral sheet: I already have a set in black so I had to buy it in these amazing blue/purple tones:

Sheridan Vintage 1970s Floral Sheet Blue/Purple
And here is the original sheet I found a couple of years ago:

Sheridan Vintage Sheet Floral Black Purple Tan
I LOVE these prints!!

I bought some old girls' 1960s/1970s annuals for only $1 each at the Salvation Army Depot in Red Hill in April. They have some delightful illustrations and I thought I would post this very appropiate scan:

We Held a Jumble Sale

Last but not least... one BNWT Bonds Thermocolour Singlet!!
Bonds Thermocolour (aka modern Hypercolour) Singlet

This is Bonds' modern version of the glorious hypercolour of my youth. I already have one and was actually wearing it when I found this new one. They do say when you like something you should buy a couple of them. I am now set for the future with not one but 2 hypercolour singlets and the future is certainly looking good!

From the Vault:
One thrifted jumper, bought from the Salvos a couple of years ago. Gorgeous Entrelac knitting (Mum told me that is what it is!).
Opshopped Entrelac jumper
The plan is to make one square cushion cover from it and two neck roll cushions from the huge arms. At the moment its not even a UFO its a Not Even Started Un Finished Object!!

Happy Flea Market Finding everyone! and thanks to Sophie for such a lovely weekly feature.

Australian Vintage Sheet FQ Swap 2010

Run by Ange the details are all here.

I cant wait, ever since I stumbled (too late!) across Chalet Girl's Vintage Sheet Swap I have been dreaming of vintage sheet quilts.

I am hoping I can squeeze some opshopping in between then and now, to add to my existing stash of vintage sheets. I must get busy washing and cutting sheets into fat quarters! yay!!

I am hoping to make something like  Pins & Thimbles Vintage Sheet Quilt. Ever since I saw this quilt I have been desiring to make something like it, but more of a quilt cover and not actually quilted. 

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