Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Handmade Advent Calendar

I loved our childhood advent calendar, a beautiful olde worlde stable scene with cute biblical pictures behind each window and glitter, whats not to like about glitter! From Etsy these kind of calendars seem to be called vintage West German advent calendars. Each Christmas I would eagerly open each window even though I had been opening the same windows for about the last 15 years! I LOVED that advent calendar.

Sadly our beautiful advent calendar along with the rest of our christmas decorations (including some beautiful cane christmas churches my mum had had for years) disappeared in mysterious circumstances over ten years ago  *sob*
I have mourned the loss of that advent calendar since and this weekend I finally finished this new advent calendar:

The image is from a children's book: "My Big Christmas Book" which I picked up at an opshop last year and its full of the most beautiful illustrations, some of which, including this one, must be done by the same illustrator who designed the images for the Piatnik Finding Pairs memory game we played as children because the kids faces in this picture are exactly the same as the doll from the memory game. I would cry if I didnt get that dolly! My brother always took great delight in trying to match the dolls because I loved them so much but my mum, bless her, would let me trade one of my pairs for the dolls if she matched them!

The details. I thought this picture would be great for an advent calendar because aside from it being a gorgeous illustration I could put images behind the candles. There werent quite enough candles so I used some of the other ornaments. I scanned the image so I could edit the picture on my pc then on one copy copied and pasted small cute nativity style illustrations onto the candle and other ornament areas. I found some cute images through googling. I had the star for day 24 and put a large nativity scene behind that window.

Then on the original image I randomly added the advent numbers then had both images printed on card at Officeworks. I cut out the candle and ornament windows leaving one edge for the fold using a craft knife and a cutting board, then glued the two cards together when I realised I hadnt cut out one window! oops! Thankfully I was able to cut it out without cutting through the back card.

Volia one cute advent calendar which I am seriously enjoying opening each window!

Hooray for crafting, thrifting and advent calendars AND 'finding pairs'!!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Other people may have used Splayds which were invented by William McArthur in the 1940s in Sydney, Australia and are a spoon, fork and knife in one utensil, or Sporfs, Spifes, Sporks or Knorks...

But I grew up using the delicious Eazi-Eater "It scoops...LIKE A SPOON    It spears...LIKE A FORK    It cuts...LIKE A KNIFE": the Eazi-Eater!!

We still have 4 of the 6 Eazi-Eaters my Mum had. We gave a couple to my brother and I jokingly bemoan this when I am trying to find an Eazi-Eater! He is adamant we only gave him one!! I love my Eazi-Eater, particularly when eating Tuna Casserole which our family have been making since before I was born. I could almost just use an Eazi-Eater for every meal!
Sadly there is very little information on these delighful eating utensils so I have done some googling and can now present my findings.

I was able to find some images of Eazi-Eaters and can now share them for your sporf/spork enjoyment.

The Es in the Eazi-Eater logo (which was engraved on the back of the utensils) had the Eazi-Eaters as part of the Es.
This package states they are made by Clarion/Heath in Japan.
These Eazi-Eaters have a different style handle

This quote was included in a listing for a six pack of Eazi -Eaters on eBay:

"Silver Birch De- Luxe

Eazi-Eater reg. Design no 50717
The sensational 3-in-1 Eating Utensil
Swedish Design Quality Stainless Steel
It scoops...LIKE A SPOON
It spears...LIKE A FORK
It cuts...LIKE A KNIFE

I LOVE them! I so need a six pack of Eazi-Eaters, I would like to take one with me when I eat out and I could probably give a spare or 2 to my brother!!

Hopefully courtesy of eBay I will be able to have more Eazi-Eaters in the not too distant future. :o)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My heart skipped a beat... Op Shopping Finds

So ever since I participated in Ange's Ramblings Vintage Sheet FQ Swap I have experienced some severe vintage sheet lust… looking at the FQs everyone else got, searching on flickr… even contemplating making a bid on this gorgeous sheet on ebay
One of my favourite designs and in a purple colourways too!!
But my natural economic sensibilities got in the way and I consoled myself with saving the picture instead.

Recently I decided I would ‘pop into' Lutwyche to go the Salvos and Lifeline there whilst my mum was having a nap. Wandered in, looked at the clothes, turned around to the manchester and…

Vintage Sheet
Only $6.50. I clutched it to my chest and gave it a hug!!! Yay!!!
The next day I thought I would go to Annerley to visit the 3 or 4 opshops there. It’s probably been at least 2 years since we have been there, and I thought it’s a good opportunity to hit them up!

First Lifeline
This stunning sheet $4
Vintage Sheet
What a beautiful print, never seen this before.

This this gorgeous double at the Red Cross
Vintage Sheet
I am in heaven!!!
I think I have just scored the vintage sheets of dreams.

Still more vintage sheets goodness...
Haven’t been to Wynnum in years, so decided to go on a Wednesday ‘Wynnum Wednesday’ I called it: I had a list of 11 op shops and I saw another.
Made the mistake of buying too much at the 2nd opshop I went to so then had too much to lug around so I had to buy a nanna trolley.

No sheets as exciting as the ‘beautiful three’ but all these lovely linens and more for only $10:
Vintage Sheets

2 pillowcases

Vintage Sheets from Salvos and Red Cross
(half in this photo were from this lot, the other from the Red Cross at Alderley the next week)

I wish my name was KYM:
Vintage Kym cushion cover The Upstairs Shop: London
This cushion is from a delightful store called the Upstairs Shop in London, in the 70s I think
This lovely doona cover for $3
Floral Heart Doona
I love quilt covers: they havent been worn as much as sheets!

This double from the Red Cross
Vintage Floral Sheet

Then at the Vinnies I saw all of these, but had too much already so left them behind?! I must have been delirious! Got my nanna trolley, lunched and visited all the other shops then finally came back here, how could I have left these behind!!

I really really love the green one.
Vintage Floral Sheet

Vintage tablecoth
Vintage floral tablecloth

I also scored a Cadbury doona cover which I have tidied away and now cant find to take a picture of.

Despite my seasoned years didn’t buy a jacket I liked, so went back Friday a week later to see if it was there but NO! But found these ballerina sheets
Vintage Ballerina Sheet

Okay: enough sheet buying!!!!

The Leaning Tower of Vintage Sheet goodness
I can now start on the vintage sheet quilt to end all quilts!!

Whoops forgot about these:
Vintage floral sheet
Lifeline on the way to catch the bus, cant actually remember when I bought them, but between Annerley and Wynnum sometime!!

I ♥ vintage sheets, but I do occasionally buy other things too!!
like vintage fabric:
Vintage floral fabric

and adorable tins:
Tin Suitcases

I scored the Hello Kitty one on the right, the other I bought years ago at Lifeline: a yummy picnic suitcase:
Picnic Tin

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Happy thrifting and opshopping wherever you may be!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well I am seriously behind in reading everyone's gorgeous finds over the last few weeks on Flea Market Finds on Sophie's Her Library Adventures

I have actually been able to do some opshopping over the last few weeks :o) but only because my mum is back in hospital :o( So I have hit the opshops for a round of plus one-less shopping. My mum & I have been op shopping buddies for over a decade: gee we have had some awesome opshopping adventures and mis-adventures over the last 10 years!!!

I was able to find some treats for my mum: vintage flannelette and a piece of vintage woollen fabric for her which even had the original tag on it! I love it when you find things like that! I am also thinking it might be fun to dye it!

vintage woollen fabric


From the Lifeline Bookfest I went to in June, I had a major case of bookfair envy when I saw a woman with a Print Gocco in box with the price of $3 written on it!!!! I would have LOVED that! Good on her though!! Great find!

However, I did find some great craft books:
Craft books from Lifeline Bookfest 2010

We love Ondori books!

And some more cool lotto type & word games to add to my collection. I hope to use them in some creative/crafty way sometime in the future…

lifeline games
Cute vintage block game from the lifeline bookfest:
Vintage block game from Lifeline Bookfest 2010

From normal opshopping: 2 vintage linen teatowels, a floral face washer and a crochet pot holder. I attempted to relearn how to crochet recently, but I need a bit more practice. I did a whole row of slip stitch thinking I was crocheting chain stitch! I am going to use Meet me at Mike’s Granny Square Tutorials in another attempt to get it right!


I also scored a heap of one dollar clothes from my favourite opshop, including some much needed long sleeve tops for this cold weather we are suffering in Brisbane: its always good to find things you actually need isnt it!
$1 clothes from my favourite opshop!!

I have gotten 3 pairs of gorgeous summer sandals from the opshops over the last few weeks:

(L-R) Leather sandals $1 from aforementioned fave one dollar opshop; just this week $2 sandals (might be leather but they had such great flexible soles had to buy them!) from Geebung Red Cross and lastly Mollini leather gladiator sandals $3 from Lifeline.


I discovered I can catch a bus to Geebung so popped off to visit their 4 opshops and got these: lovely dull plum velvet cushion covers, cute children's pillowcase, a lovely fat DJ copy of DFB Nancy to the Rescue (to replace my non DJ copy!) & a floral pink shower curtain I am hoping to use somehow: I am thinking wrapping paper, maybe stitching up a small envelope style bag or something! have to put my thinking cap on!!!

geebung goodies

And lastly, just less than one minute after I had posted off my vintage sheet FQs for Ange’s Ramblings Vintage Sheet FQ Swap I found some vintage cotton sheets at the local opshop!! Two singles and 2 pillowcases. I love the floral print, less so the colours, would have looked gorgeous in a pink, purple, green or blue colourways, but I wont say no to some cotton vintage floral sheets! They will have to be for the next FQ swap whenever that might be….

vintage sheets!

I hope everyone enjoys fun and fruitful opshopping this week!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well I have been having such a delightful time reading everyone's posts on Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures with Sophie over the last couple of weeks and wishing I could go opshopping, but alas there is not much opshopping adventures for me on the horizon. Hopefully in a couple of months...

Instead here are some of my former finds: hope that's okay to share some of my fave recent (ish) finds!

Gorgeous vintage teatowel, bought at Vinnies at Wynnum, and smuggled to the counter while I told my mum to go off elsewhere in the shop! The perfect gift for a loved mum!

I Love Mum vintage teatowel

Bath Towels

Well I remember the beautiful floral bath towels from my very early childhood and I have been fortunate enough to find some awesome floral vintage bath towels earlier this year.

These gorgeous beauties all together at the local, they must have come from someone's household linen:

Vintage floral bath towels

Closeups of the 5 towels: I love the different print and colour combinations.

Vintage Floral Towel 1

Vintage Floral Towel 2

Vintage Floral Towel 3

Vintage Floral Towel 4

Vintage Floral Towel 5

This last one was from an earlier find at my fave opshop in Alderley: Red Cross: I love an opshop that has a bit of everything: clothes, shoes, bric a brac, books, manchester, and this op shop never fails to produce finds!

Vintage Floral Towel

I hope everyone has some great thrifting/flea marketing/opshopping this week!
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bargain Buy of the Century!?!

I have been doing online grocery shops for the last 5 weeks or so, and on Thursday I was browsing the bin aisle whilst finalising my order when I saw it... 1c items!!!

First of all I thought they must be selling zip lock bags individually!

I had no idea what the items exactly were, they did not have any pictures, so I googled the names and figured they were 2 types of bins and 1 type of storage container with those snap lids.... for one cent each! I promptly put some in my order. I have very thrifty genes I couldnt do otherwise!

I wasnt sure if I would actually end up with some or any of the one cent items, in my confirmation order email I was informed the Sterelite bins were out of stock, so I was thinking... well... they didnt say the other items were out of stock... I could be getting some 1c storage containers...

And then this morning when the lovely Coles delivery guy dropped off my groceries, he also dropped off some one cent storage containers! Well actually 10 because thats how many I ordered!!

I am not sure why they were listed as 1c, perhaps its a final final clearance?!
I am looking forward to better storing some fabrics and crafty items & supplies and other things in them instead of in random bags, odd boxes and suchlike

So if anyone has to do an online Coles grocery shop soon and needs some new storage containers and can scrounge together an extra few cents, order some!

They also had lidded Huro Billy buckets for one cent, but I didnt find them until after later that day. :(
I did also get some of the wastepaper bins for one cent each, and now can boast of having matching wastepapers bins in the house!

10c for 10 storage containers: I think the best 10 cents I have ever spent!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well I have enjoying everyone's posts over the last almost two months and it is my pleasure to be able to join in (at last!) with Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds. I am a long time opshopper first time Flea Market Finds poster! I have enjoyed over 11 glorious years of equally glorious opshopping.
I have actually not done any opshopping in the last 2 weeks, so I will show what I found earlier in April. I had a very good run of opshopping in November and December last year, managing to hit all my favourite op shops and scored lots of good finds, then I fasted from opshopping for almost a whole month then decided that was enough time and I should really hit all my favourite haunts again! I was able to break my fast with a delightful fill a bag for $1 clothes sale at the Windsor Road Thrift Shop, and um well I certainly made up for my near months fast! 6c clothes are very pleasing!

Here are some of my recent April finds...
As soon as I looked over at the manchester in Lifeline I grabbed this gorgeous Sheridan vintage floral sheet: I already have a set in black so I had to buy it in these amazing blue/purple tones:

Sheridan Vintage 1970s Floral Sheet Blue/Purple
And here is the original sheet I found a couple of years ago:

Sheridan Vintage Sheet Floral Black Purple Tan
I LOVE these prints!!

I bought some old girls' 1960s/1970s annuals for only $1 each at the Salvation Army Depot in Red Hill in April. They have some delightful illustrations and I thought I would post this very appropiate scan:

We Held a Jumble Sale

Last but not least... one BNWT Bonds Thermocolour Singlet!!
Bonds Thermocolour (aka modern Hypercolour) Singlet

This is Bonds' modern version of the glorious hypercolour of my youth. I already have one and was actually wearing it when I found this new one. They do say when you like something you should buy a couple of them. I am now set for the future with not one but 2 hypercolour singlets and the future is certainly looking good!

From the Vault:
One thrifted jumper, bought from the Salvos a couple of years ago. Gorgeous Entrelac knitting (Mum told me that is what it is!).
Opshopped Entrelac jumper
The plan is to make one square cushion cover from it and two neck roll cushions from the huge arms. At the moment its not even a UFO its a Not Even Started Un Finished Object!!

Happy Flea Market Finding everyone! and thanks to Sophie for such a lovely weekly feature.
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