Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Quilt Project: Redwork Design

For Kootoyoo's The Quilt Project.

I love 70s floral fabric prints so I wanted to create a floral design reflecting this. I used a 70s linen teatowel, stool cover and bedsheet for the inspiration for my design, with the final design looking quite different from my early drafts.

The Quilt Project: Inspiration

I really liked the layout of the teatowel and the bold flowers on the stool cover so I mixed them together then right at the last moment altered the flower in the middle drawing ideas from the bedsheet.

Technical details: DMC in 666: 3 strands
Stem, running & back stitches & french knots.

Redwork Design


  1. What an effective design - I love how you incorporated design elements from your favourite retro fabrics.

  2. Ilooove those fabrics. How did you get c. 800 school books. I would have loved to read all of them when I was younger. I was such a fan that when a couple of boxes were donated to my primary school library I was given the first chance to read them before they even went on the shelves. Cherrie

  3. Love the colourful fabrics! I too am in the process of covering two stools in vintage fabric, lots of fun!

  4. Cherrie
    well... When I was a kid I had a handful of school stories and then over the next two decades lots of opshopping, bookfairing and purchasing culminated in the now c.900 (as at the 2009 audit) titles!!
    I have lots and lots of re-reading favourite titles to do! :o)


Thank you for your lovely comments x

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