Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hamish & Andy: Afternoon Delight

I love listening to Hamish & Andy's Afternoon Delight!. They play awesome songs at the beginning of each show on their Pants Off Friday shows. Much in the same vein as the six o'clock shock on Triple J Breakfast with Adam & Will. There isnt any record kept of the great songs they play, & no other like minded soul on the internet seems to have done it, so I will start a little record of the fantastic songs they play.

Friday 4th July 2008

4pm: Montell Jordan This is How we Do It

5pm: East 17: Its Alright

7 September 2009
Alas I almost always manage to miss the Afternoon Deeeeelight because I work so my hoped for list never eventuated... :(
Richard Fidler from ABC Brisbane is doing an Afternoon Delight... copycat!!

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  1. man, you have begun something great... i always thought about doing it, just never have the time...
    im making a mixed cd with afternoon deeeelight! songs haha


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