Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vanilla Ice: Ninja Rap

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go! Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

"They sent me, ah, ah, you know, a script & everything, tellin' me what was going on in the movie and what was goin' to be happening, you know, they told me all about this whole scene, its exactly like they, you know, they had it wrote down & everything.

And they told me to write and make it Ice. So I did: I hyped it up, put the funky beats behind it and made it Ice!.

And they told me to keep it clean for the kids and everything, which is me anyway so.

Ice Ice Baby's in Full Effect!! Yep Yep Turtles 2 Watch it!" Vanilla Ice commentary on Ninja Rap c 1991.

I love you Vanilla Ice!!  I wanna make it Ice!!
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