Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Glenn Robbins Love Child as seen on Wife Swap

Well who'd have thought my first post would be on Glenn Robbins' Love Child!! as seen on that fabulous American show Wife Swap, in the Grimes/West families episode which aired on Channel 9 Sunday February 3 2008.
When I saw 16 year old Miles Grimes I couldn't believe how much he looked like Glenn Robbins, so I found some photos on the internet and showed them to my friends at work, and yes they totally agreed: Glenn Robbins' love child!!
So here are the pictures for your Glenny enjoyment...


ABC Wife Swap website: Select Season 2 then Grimes/West
Story on the Grimes Family

Post Script: 7 Sept 09
Wow! THE Miles Grime commented on my post!!!

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  1. HAHA! This is hilarious! My friend just found this site and sent me the link...Yep, I'm the guy from the show, Miles Grimes in the flesh. It's funny 'cause I do kinda look like him...


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