Wednesday, February 27, 2008


****2011 UPDATE: Please Note: if you are looking for current dates please visit BCC wesbite:
They have a list of Northside and Southside dates all nicely sorted by suburb. Collections are now held ANNUALLY!! YAY!!
I like to think they followed my suggestion from way back!!*****

Let me just say I love kerbside collections!!! We have picked up from the kerbside such delightful items as a bookcase, insect screening, a jumper (my mum, dont ask!!), a laundry tub & the ubiqutous pieces of wood, etc, etc. And this is all sans car, mind you!

Brisbane city council has a schedule of collections dates but unfortunately you have to select a suburb then it will bring up the dates and what type it is (green or household items).

I made a suggestion to the council that they could create a page where they gave the details for every suburb so that keen kerbside crawlers like myself could know what was happening each weekend, etc, and they replied saying they will keep in mind my suggestion when the list is put up for the new financial year.

In the meantime, I looked into their html source code so I could get the dates info and with a bit of editing I have created a list of the suburbs and dates sorted by date (I have even included the green waste, even though we are more interested in the general items)

2010 UPDATE: You can now search by month on the BCC website, so if you want to know what collections are on in March, you select March and a list of areas will appear. yay!! According to the BCC The collection schedule for the 2010/2011 financial year will be available online by 1 July 2010.

Happy kerbisde collecting!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tom Williams aka “Tom the Chippie” from Manly… Melissa Tkautz ‘Read myLips’ Bombshell

Looking up Tom Williams on wikipedia, I could not believe that he was in Melissa Tkautz's 1991 single Read My Lips video clip!!

But a close examination of the video clip from YouTube  reveals that he was.

Tom the chippie what were you thinking!! (more on Tom the Chippie & the other stellar bits of old school JJJ Merrick & Rosso soon)


Bio on The Great Outdoors

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Glenn Robbins Love Child as seen on Wife Swap

Well who'd have thought my first post would be on Glenn Robbins' Love Child!! as seen on that fabulous American show Wife Swap, in the Grimes/West families episode which aired on Channel 9 Sunday February 3 2008.
When I saw 16 year old Miles Grimes I couldn't believe how much he looked like Glenn Robbins, so I found some photos on the internet and showed them to my friends at work, and yes they totally agreed: Glenn Robbins' love child!!
So here are the pictures for your Glenny enjoyment...


ABC Wife Swap website: Select Season 2 then Grimes/West
Story on the Grimes Family

Post Script: 7 Sept 09
Wow! THE Miles Grime commented on my post!!!
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